New Resources for a New Semester

There’s a Video About That
Review Menu
Review Menu Explanation
Review Menu Video/Games
This semester I, like many teachers, will be teaching primarily online. Due to scheduling conflicts and lower than normal enrollment, I’m currently only scheduled to teach our level 3 (high intermediate) listening and speaking class. My school uses National Geographic’s Pathways Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking 3 text for the class.

Every semester I have students ask me what they can do and where they can go to practice the grammar concepts we learn in class further. This semester I wanted to give them easy references so they could quickly find what they need on the internet. The result of this desire was the creation of There’s A Video About That and Review Menu.

There’s a Video About That is a Google Drawing (that I will publish to the web for easy access) with embedded videos for each grammar concept from our text. I pre-screened all of the videos so students can be confident they won’t waste their time or get the wrong topic. 

Review Menu is a Google Slide deck (again, I plan to publish it to the web) that starts with a table listing all of the grammar concepts from the semester. Students can then click links that will jump them to slides with outline explanations and examples or a video and links to  online practice games and activities. 

I would love to create a similar resource for each of the classes in our program. My plan is to create a There’s a Video About That and Review Menu for each course I teach in a semester. Hopefully the process won’t be too overwhelming that way and I can eventually have a complete library for my students.

Want the resources for yourself? They’re free! Just click one of the picture links above.